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We create the conditions for innovation through student led, industry engaged, research informed co-creation projects.

Creating the conditions for innovation

The business and R&D landscape of Australia is rapidly changing and we believe that the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to use design thinking and co-creation methods to discover new offerings.

Our interdisciplinary teams work together on real world projects, with local and global partners, using human centered design methods to co-create extraordinary insights and outcomes. This diversity of minds, skills, and experience drives R&D capability and impact.

Our industry partners

Our partner institutions


On every project we bring together an interdisciplinary team from across our network to lend their knowledge, skills and insights to diverse innovation challenges.

As a pillar of the Swinburne Innovation Precinct and a partner in the Design Factory Global Network we have access to world-class facilities and minds that can take your project from idea to product.

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Creating Value, Personal Branding and Design Thinking — A Q&A with Fiona Triaca of Naked Ambition

Fiona Triaca, a former arts student turned stockbroker turned creative entrepreneur, helps people within organisations to bring ideas to life and to find more meaning in their work.

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Key insights about innovation from a playful Paper Bike Race

Ready. Set. Go! After ten days of working on paper bike designs, students of the year-long Sugar-ME310 Global Design Innovation Program raced their cardboard creations at the Swinburne University Hawthorn campus

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2016-17 Global Program Kick-off

Projects 2016-17 Global Programs Kick Off John, Co-ordinator Global Programs 07 October 2016 The DFM Global programs are counting down to industry project launch on October 20th, when 9 Swinburne students will work with 3 international industry partners on real...
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Ingredients for Innovation

Culture Ingredients for Innovation — How the kitchen flavours SDF culture and learning Krista Raftopoulos, a student of Professional Writing at Swinburne 15 September 2016 The kitchen is the heart of Design Factory Melbourne (DFM). It provides a different approach to...
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Adam’s Super Design Factory Journey

Currently based in Berlin, former Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) graduate Adam Cochrane is now happily working as service designer for Japanese design company, GoodPatch. But Adam’s DFM journey has also taken him through some of the world’s leading design hubs from Finland, to Tokyo, to Germany.

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