"All people are creative, all people have ideas and can contribute to the design process"

DFM operates at the intersection of university and industry, uniting students, academics, industry, researchers and community. On every DFM project we bring together an interdisciplinary team from across our network to lend their knowledge, skills and insights to diverse innovation challenges.

Co-creation is fundamental to our practice: it influences how we work and think; it enables us to facilitate innovation through understanding different opinions and points of view.

At DFM we are guided by five principles:

Safety: Safety is everything.

It ensures that stakeholders are comfortable to conduct research, collaborate, engage and negotiate around challenges. For industry partners DFM creates a safe place to experiment and co-create outside of the structures of their organisation.

Exploration: fail forward to learn faster.

Rapid exploration, iteration, and evaluation are only possible through accepting failure as an outcome. We learn from failure and applying those learnings to the next phase of the project.

Responsibility: your parents don’t work here

DFM maintains a flat hierarchy and a culture of mutual respect between all parties — everybody involved at DFM is responsible, independent, and accountable for their own involvement and participation in DFM.

Communication: talk to someone new

Every design factory is built around its kitchen a space in which serendipitous meetings can happen — You could find yourself next to a CEO, new students or international visitors — taking the time to talk to somebody can create networks and opportunities that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Collaboration: all people have potential

Diversity boosts innovation by creating an environment where all people are valuable. Everybody has a unique point of view derived from their life experience, and when two different points connect they spark innovation.