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The paradox between the value of spending time in unpacking challenges and the urge to jump into solutions ‘to get things done’

The ability to unpack and scope problems is essential to creating innovative solutions and outcomes. However, there is a tension between the value of spending time in unpacking challenges and pressures of having immediate answers and providing solutions quickly. This thought piece outlines some of this tension and shares our key insights on how and why we should focus on unpacking challenges and flipping them into opportunities to drive action.

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Design Factory Melbourne: Charting the Pathway to Effective Co-creation

By bringing together a diverse group of passionate individuals who are determined to change the world for the better, Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) creates a fertile ground for creative problem solving and co-creation. At DFM, there is a belief that all people have a creative potential and it is the diversity of ideas that will generate greater insights as to the most effective way of tackling a problem.

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Accelerating tech-transfer for social impact with A3

It’s officially the start of a new year for our global program at Design Factory Melbourne (DFM), as a fresh group of enthusiastic students get ready to take on the challenging projects ahead. Along with new faces, DFM is proud to introduce a new, exciting global program, A3, which will begin this October in partnership with CERN.

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Getting Results from Design Thinking

Design Thinking — It’s a term that’s become tied to the agenda of innovation and change. It has become the ‘new black’ and migrated from the agency to the boardroom with executives recognising the need to incorporate it into their long-term strategy. But what is design thinking?

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7 Days of co-creation and innovation in Nantong

For 7 days in April our global team, working with Innospring, travelled to their partner university in Nantong, China, for an intensive week working with their team to speed their project along. The Innospring team have been tasked with exploring opportunities for developing services for smart buildings in China. Aaron Down, studying his BA Honours with DFM, shares a day in the life of his time there.

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More Than Innovations

We have all heard that innovation happens when industry and universities collaborate. But what really drives this innovation? Can culture and values foster creative confidence within individuals?

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