ANSTO nandin Startups

Innovative internships


In a collaboration between Design Factory Melbourne, ANSTO and their Design Factory, nandin, this program saw two Design Honours students undertake internships to explore design innovation processes applied to topics concerned with science and technology. Each student worked with a nandin startup on a specific real-world challenge, applying their design skills to propose new physical, digital or experiential applications that aim to increase the impact of scientific and/or technology-based research.




Start-up: Hou Horizon

Concept: Concept: Chronic Illness Management Device – a discreet and portable breath analyser utilising Hou Horizon’s technology for reading Volatile Organic Compounds and Biomarkers within human breath, providing users with chronic illnesses a non-invasive management option.

Student: Mark Vandersteen (Industrial Design) 


Concept: Carbon Converter Demonstration Model – A simplified digital overview of Cool Engineering’s innovative process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere to produce green products, split into stages and presented as a spherical shape in orbit. The demonstration will allow clients in the industrial sector to better understand the technology, potentially increasing sales for Cool Engineering and helping businesses to lessen their carbon footprint.

Student: Jackie Lin (Interior Architecture)